Australia Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is located on the east coast in Queensland, one of the states of Australia. The state of Queensland is 100 kilometers south of Brisbane and 850 kilometers north of Sydney. This area is surrounded by high mountains with more than a hundred hectares of national parks.

In these parks, you will find amazing waterfalls and pristine nature. And the footpaths, with a total length of more than 260 kilometers, will help you to visit the most remote corners of national parks.

The population of the Gold Coast is only half a million people but continues to grow. Millions of tourists from all over the world come every year on the Gold Coast to enjoy its beaches, the perfect sunny climate.

The 446 kilometers of channels piercing the Golden Coast give it a special charm. These canals were excavated in the 60s, and they are 9 times longer than the canals in Venice.

They even contain crabs, dolphins, some species of fish, as well as gulls and ducks. In the mountains, you will find koalas, snakes, iguanas and many other animals. These canals and wondrous beaches made the Golden Coast an amazing place to visit.

44 kilometers of beaches and the constantly warm water of the Pacific Ocean are always tempted to plunge into the warm waves. Sharks on the beaches are not found, they are fenced with special fences in order to protect people practicing surfing. Speaking about surfing, I must say that the Gold Coast is just a paradise for surfers. On the beaches of Kirra, Snapper Rocks and Currumbin Ellie, famous for their waves, it is best to practice this sport. The temperature of the water in the ocean varies from 18 degrees in winter heat to 26 degrees in summer.

The air temperature is 10-23 degrees and 21-30 degrees, respectively. The average temperature in spring and autumn is on average 25 degrees of heat.

Surfers Paradise is located next door to the Gold Coast. In the 60s, it was just a place where people spent their holidays, and the inhabitants of Brisbane spent weekends on the beach.