Australia for tourism

Not everyone has an idea of ​​where Australia is located. However, many like it because in May-October, you can safely stroll around the markets and participate in various festivals, in December and February relax on the beaches of Sydney and join hiking tours involving visits to the Tasmanian highlands. In September-November you should pay attention to Australian wineries, in March-May to go rafting and ride a boat on the Brisbane River.

Where is the country of kangaroo and ostriches located?

Australia with its capital in Canberra (an area of ​​7692024 sq. Km) occupies the territory of the mainland, Tasmania and the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the area of ​​which is 32,160 square kilometers. In the northeast of Australia are the Solomon Islands with New Caledonia, in southeast  New Zealand, and in north Indonesia with East Timor. The Indian Ocean washes the southern and western sides of the Australian coast, and in the north and east of Australia has access to the seas of the Pacific Ocean.

Australia consists of Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and other states. There are six of them. In addition, Australia oversees Christmas Island, Cocos Islands and other external territories. The distance between Australia (Boigu Island) and Papua New Guinea is only 5 km.

Australian beaches

Manly Beach. Manly Beach campers prefer to ride a bike along the beach (it has 20 bicycle paths), diving and windsurfing. Manly Beach has restaurants (Bacino Bar Italian Cafe, Ribs N Rumps Steakhouse) and bicycle, boat and kayak rental.

Bondi Beach. On the beach, which is 1 km long, you can rush to sunbathe on the white sand, swim in the Tasman Sea (safe swimming areas are marked with yellow and red flags), join the surfing (southern part of the beach) and other water sports.

Whitehaven Beach. On this 6-kilometer beach, you can meditate, enjoy the beautiful nature, ride a yacht or a motorboat.

Souvenirs from Australia

Leaving Australia should get decorations with opal, macadamia nuts, pearls, emu jerky, Tim Tam cookies, cosmetic oils, Australian honey, spears, boomerangs, masks and Aboriginal ornaments.