Australia Features

Australia is a sunny country with exotic animals and interesting culture. There is a breathtaking nature that is worth going there. But the national characteristics of Australia should be fond out before the plane lands at the airport.

Interesting Facts

  • Despite the strong influence of the British, it still uses liters and meters.
  • Failure to attend the elections is punishable by a fine.
  • Tips are not very common, but if that is, local people are unlikely to refuse.
  • Melbourne has the largest tram network in the world.
  • Australia has very high social benefits.

If the is furniture or appliances on the street near the house, then you can safely take them. Throwing away something is not accepted.

Communication and national character

Australians are very friendly and open to communication. In a conversation with them, you should not be surprised by jokes. Usually, Australians quickly move to informal conversations. For some time, a language barrier may arise, since Australian English and the manner of speaking among locals are rather peculiar.

First of all, Australians value individuality, truthfulness, and independence. Also, the locals almost do not recognize the authorities, and very rich people in Australia rarely receive respect. Here, first of all, they look at the qualities of character, and only then on financial capabilities. Talking about income is not welcome there. Australians love to travel, but only in their own country. They are quite indifferent to other countries. This is strange since the majority of the population are immigrants.


Some habits in Australia remained from English, while others were formed due to the hot climate. Dine there at about 7 o’clock and, quite possibly that it will be a barbecue. Australians do not eat kangaroos, rabbits, but prefer to eat more sheep meat.

Many local dishes are still dishes from different cuisines of the world. You can find them only in Australian. Meat pie, biscuits, Melbourne chickens are considered exclusively local. Seafood is also loved here, and it is cooked in different ways like traditionally or with a slight Asian touch. From alcoholic beverages, Australians drink local wine and beer.