Australia and Sports

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Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia

First of all, it should be noted that Australia is ideal for water sports. Water skiing, wakeboard, surfing, kiting, diving, etc. All of these sports are massively distributed here. Basketball and tennis are also actively developing in Australia. In 2007, major tennis competitions were held in Australia. Basketball has been developed in Australia for quite some time.

This sport is almost a national one. Every year the Australian Basketball Championship is held there, in which the best athletes and teams of the country take part. The Australian Basketball Championship attracts a large number of fans from all over the country.

In Australia, cycling is also well developed. Most recently, there passed the Australian Grand Prix 2007 cycling race. It should be noted that the competitions are held in several stages and also attract a large number of spectators. Sometimes the whole city comes to see the competition. Among the strongest tennis players in Australia would like to mention Jessica Moore. Jessica Moore is one of the most powerful tennis players in Australia.

It should also be mentioned that sports in this country can be practiced both professionally and at the amateur level. Being engaged in professional sports in addition, you can get a second higher education in Australia. The second degree in Australia can be obtained at the correspondence department of any Australian university. Water sports are no less popular in Australia than in basketball or tennis. Water skis appeared in Australia relatively long ago, but the Australian water skiers didn’t achieve much success in this sport.

Wakeboard is a peculiar youth direction of water sports and originates from water skiing. In terms of wakeboard, Australian riders are the strongest in the world, because this sport in Australia is given a lot of attention. Another popular sport in Australia is surfing.

Competitions in this sport are held on specially equipped beaches and take a few days. This sport is very entertaining and interesting. Anyone can do it. Surf gear is sold at any sports store in Australia. Diving in Australia is common at both professional and amateur levels.