Australian specialties

Canada includes ski resorts, English and French classes, and noteworthy national parks. The capital with dignity – Ottawa, colorful Quebec and framed by the mountains of Vancouver, maples and hockey – all about Canada: visa and cities, maps and photos.

Ski resorts in Canada with their excellent in quality and very diverse slopes, as a rule, are chosen by those tourists who have already visited many European countries, and now want to combine unusual skiing with an interesting “excursion”. A separate segment is students traveling to study in Canada. If it were not for the long and expensive flight, as well as the very complex process of obtaining a visa, there would be much more Russian tourists on the mountain slopes and in the national parks of Canada.

Cities and regions

The capital is Ottawa, major cities are Vancouver, Quebec, Montreal, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton.

The main snow and ski resorts in Canada

Big White, Whistler – Blackcomb, Kimberly, Silver Star (Silver Star), Solar Peaks (Sun Peaks), Tremblant, Fernier.

National parks

Banff, Jasper, Mount Robson, Wood Buffalo, Waterton Lakes, Glacier and Clane, Pacific Rim, Kutney, Yoho, Ouyuttik Reserve.

For a complete list of cities in the country, see the page cities and resorts in Canada.

Canada has 6 time zones at once. This is North American Pacific Time (UTC − 8), Mountain Time (UTC − 7), Central Time (UTC − 6), North American Eastern Time (UTC − 5), Atlantic Time (UTC − 4), and UTC − 3 time zone: 30 . At the same time, some parts of the country translate clock hands in the summer, which adds Canada two more time zones – UTC − 3 and UTC − 2: 30.

How to get to Canada

Aeroflot flies four times a week from Moscow to Toronto (approximately 10 hours in flight). Many European airlines – KLM, British Airways, Finnair, LOT, Air France, Alitalia, CSA, Lufthansa, Austrian and others – fly to different cities of Canada with transfers in Europe. Often these are the cheapest options. For example, Lufthansa flies to Ottawa with a daily flight through Frankfurt.

Australia Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is located on the east coast in Queensland, one of the states of Australia. The state of Queensland is 100 kilometers south of Brisbane and 850 kilometers north of Sydney. This area is surrounded by high mountains with more than a hundred hectares of national parks.

In these parks, you will find amazing waterfalls and pristine nature. And the footpaths, with a total length of more than 260 kilometers, will help you to visit the most remote corners of national parks.

The population of the Gold Coast is only half a million people but continues to grow. Millions of tourists from all over the world come every year on the Gold Coast to enjoy its beaches, the perfect sunny climate.

The 446 kilometers of channels piercing the Golden Coast give it a special charm. These canals were excavated in the 60s, and they are 9 times longer than the canals in Venice.

They even contain crabs, dolphins, some species of fish, as well as gulls and ducks. In the mountains, you will find koalas, snakes, iguanas and many other animals. These canals and wondrous beaches made the Golden Coast an amazing place to visit.

44 kilometers of beaches and the constantly warm water of the Pacific Ocean are always tempted to plunge into the warm waves. Sharks on the beaches are not found, they are fenced with special fences in order to protect people practicing surfing. Speaking about surfing, I must say that the Gold Coast is just a paradise for surfers. On the beaches of Kirra, Snapper Rocks and Currumbin Ellie, famous for their waves, it is best to practice this sport. The temperature of the water in the ocean varies from 18 degrees in winter heat to 26 degrees in summer.

The air temperature is 10-23 degrees and 21-30 degrees, respectively. The average temperature in spring and autumn is on average 25 degrees of heat.

Surfers Paradise is located next door to the Gold Coast. In the 60s, it was just a place where people spent their holidays, and the inhabitants of Brisbane spent weekends on the beach.

Australia for tourism

Not everyone has an idea of ​​where Australia is located. However, many like it because in May-October, you can safely stroll around the markets and participate in various festivals, in December and February relax on the beaches of Sydney and join hiking tours involving visits to the Tasmanian highlands. In September-November you should pay attention to Australian wineries, in March-May to go rafting and ride a boat on the Brisbane River.

Where is the country of kangaroo and ostriches located?

Australia with its capital in Canberra (an area of ​​7692024 sq. Km) occupies the territory of the mainland, Tasmania and the islands of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, the area of ​​which is 32,160 square kilometers. In the northeast of Australia are the Solomon Islands with New Caledonia, in southeast  New Zealand, and in north Indonesia with East Timor. The Indian Ocean washes the southern and western sides of the Australian coast, and in the north and east of Australia has access to the seas of the Pacific Ocean.

Australia consists of Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and other states. There are six of them. In addition, Australia oversees Christmas Island, Cocos Islands and other external territories. The distance between Australia (Boigu Island) and Papua New Guinea is only 5 km.

Australian beaches

Manly Beach. Manly Beach campers prefer to ride a bike along the beach (it has 20 bicycle paths), diving and windsurfing. Manly Beach has restaurants (Bacino Bar Italian Cafe, Ribs N Rumps Steakhouse) and bicycle, boat and kayak rental.

Bondi Beach. On the beach, which is 1 km long, you can rush to sunbathe on the white sand, swim in the Tasman Sea (safe swimming areas are marked with yellow and red flags), join the surfing (southern part of the beach) and other water sports.

Whitehaven Beach. On this 6-kilometer beach, you can meditate, enjoy the beautiful nature, ride a yacht or a motorboat.

Souvenirs from Australia

Leaving Australia should get decorations with opal, macadamia nuts, pearls, emu jerky, Tim Tam cookies, cosmetic oils, Australian honey, spears, boomerangs, masks and Aboriginal ornaments.

Australia Features

Australia is a sunny country with exotic animals and interesting culture. There is a breathtaking nature that is worth going there. But the national characteristics of Australia should be fond out before the plane lands at the airport.

Interesting Facts

  • Despite the strong influence of the British, it still uses liters and meters.
  • Failure to attend the elections is punishable by a fine.
  • Tips are not very common, but if that is, local people are unlikely to refuse.
  • Melbourne has the largest tram network in the world.
  • Australia has very high social benefits.

If the is furniture or appliances on the street near the house, then you can safely take them. Throwing away something is not accepted.

Communication and national character

Australians are very friendly and open to communication. In a conversation with them, you should not be surprised by jokes. Usually, Australians quickly move to informal conversations. For some time, a language barrier may arise, since Australian English and the manner of speaking among locals are rather peculiar.

First of all, Australians value individuality, truthfulness, and independence. Also, the locals almost do not recognize the authorities, and very rich people in Australia rarely receive respect. Here, first of all, they look at the qualities of character, and only then on financial capabilities. Talking about income is not welcome there. Australians love to travel, but only in their own country. They are quite indifferent to other countries. This is strange since the majority of the population are immigrants.


Some habits in Australia remained from English, while others were formed due to the hot climate. Dine there at about 7 o’clock and, quite possibly that it will be a barbecue. Australians do not eat kangaroos, rabbits, but prefer to eat more sheep meat.

Many local dishes are still dishes from different cuisines of the world. You can find them only in Australian. Meat pie, biscuits, Melbourne chickens are considered exclusively local. Seafood is also loved here, and it is cooked in different ways like traditionally or with a slight Asian touch. From alcoholic beverages, Australians drink local wine and beer.

Australia Cruises

The most remote and mysterious continent is Australia. Even mice have bags here, and their inhabitants walk upside down and wear fur coats in July. Visit the country of koalas and kangaroos, get acquainted with the beauty of national parks and admire the endless expanses of the ocean during a sea voyage. Cruises in Australia and nearby islands are a great way to go to the ends of the world and come back with souvenirs and a heart full of impressions.

Routes and attractions

A small mainland, Australia, however, can rightfully claim to be one of the unique places on the planet. The variety of cruise routes in Australia shows the traveler the entire rich natural world of the continent, its memorable and historical places.

Visiting Melbourne, tourists will learn about the past and present of the most beautiful Australian city, and then admire its stunning panorama from the observation deck of the Rialto Tower. This building is an achievement of modern architects, but from the 250-meter height, the ancient quarters of Melbourne with houses of the past centuries and green parks are perfectly visible.

In Brisbane, an excursion to the Botanical Garden, which lies on a high hill, is especially popular. From the mountain, there is an excellent view of the city, and thousands of strange plants in the park remain in the photographs of curious travelers.

Islands in the ocean

Australia cruises are also an acquaintance with the inhabitants of Oceania and the islands, where you can find not only the nooks of untouched nature but also entire tribes that have preserved customs and traditions through the centuries. Formed by corals, islands and reefs, it is the dream of thousands of divers, which becomes quite feasible for cruise liner passengers. Great Barrier Reef is Mecca for those who can not imagine their journey without diving. Australia cruises represent a unique opportunity to combine business with interesting things.

Must-see list

In Australia, every traveler finds something informative for himself, but among hundreds and thousands of objects worthy of admiration, there are several especially significant and beautiful:

  • The building of the Opera House in Sydney.
  • Kimberley Valley.
  • Rock complex Twelve Apostles.
  • Rainforest Park.

Australia and Sports

Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia

First of all, it should be noted that Australia is ideal for water sports. Water skiing, wakeboard, surfing, kiting, diving, etc. All of these sports are massively distributed here. Basketball and tennis are also actively developing in Australia. In 2007, major tennis competitions were held in Australia. Basketball has been developed in Australia for quite some time.

This sport is almost a national one. Every year the Australian Basketball Championship is held there, in which the best athletes and teams of the country take part. The Australian Basketball Championship attracts a large number of fans from all over the country.

In Australia, cycling is also well developed. Most recently, there passed the Australian Grand Prix 2007 cycling race. It should be noted that the competitions are held in several stages and also attract a large number of spectators. Sometimes the whole city comes to see the competition. Among the strongest tennis players in Australia would like to mention Jessica Moore. Jessica Moore is one of the most powerful tennis players in Australia.

It should also be mentioned that sports in this country can be practiced both professionally and at the amateur level. Being engaged in professional sports in addition, you can get a second higher education in Australia. The second degree in Australia can be obtained at the correspondence department of any Australian university. Water sports are no less popular in Australia than in basketball or tennis. Water skis appeared in Australia relatively long ago, but the Australian water skiers didn’t achieve much success in this sport.

Wakeboard is a peculiar youth direction of water sports and originates from water skiing. In terms of wakeboard, Australian riders are the strongest in the world, because this sport in Australia is given a lot of attention. Another popular sport in Australia is surfing.

Competitions in this sport are held on specially equipped beaches and take a few days. This sport is very entertaining and interesting. Anyone can do it. Surf gear is sold at any sports store in Australia. Diving in Australia is common at both professional and amateur levels.